The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines.

At the moment, Proera is offering three types of MBA programmes: MBA, MBA for Executives (EMBA) and MBA for Presidents (PMBA). The following benefits should be taken in consideration when applying to a MBA programme:

  • Knowledge, professionalism and experience at international level;
  • Carrier advancement, better job performance;
  • An improved managerial and leadership style;
  • Immediate applicability of provided knowledge;
  • Business connections and foreign investors networking;
  • Personal electronic library (Amazon Kindle);
  • Continuous Performance Evaluation ― “no final exam” concept;
  • Internationally renowned degree title and accepted business qualification

The course schedule is adapted for business people and allows the participants to combine their study without compromising their daily professional activities with study. Core training session are delivered by foreign professors with extensive business practice from world class universities and top local experts providing educational experience and lectures on regional specifics of business or services.



12 courses

  • Managers, specialist
  • 12 months

Executive MBA

15 courses

  • Senior managers, owners of small companies
  • 18 months

Presidential MBA

18 courses

  • Owners of big companies, CFOs, CEOs, COOs
  • 30 month