Management Consultancy


Proera offers a holistic and sustainable approach through various consulting programs for public and private clients in order to create and sustain a continuous improvement and competitive advantage. We emphasize on the importance of identifying the root causes and develop solutions which would eradicate the problem itself not just the symptoms.

We provide consultancy that makes our clients to acknowledge the system that they form and the sources of variations of their system. We customize and apply tools and techniques which are considered worldwide best practices and ensure that these are inclusive to the culture and strategy of our clients.

We consult companies in their strategic development by helping to restructure, optimize and establish policies for long term and sustainable development, as well as we concentrate on operational efficiency and efficacy by establishing new or modifying the current management system in order to assure the proper level of quality, reaction time, flexibility, customer orientation, cost management and morale of employees.


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Our expertise

We have all needed tools to assist our clients in their strategic development. Today, strategic planning and execution are complicated by high levels of economic volatility. Our strategy practice has the tools, experience, expertise, and insights to support clients throughout their strategic journey in today’s constantly evolving economy.


We help our clients to:

  1. Perform market and technology analysis as well as analyze their current state;
  2. Define their strategy and align all objectives to it
  3. Breakdown the phases of strategy achievement and plan the implementation
  4. Manage the resources and build up the capabilities assuring the strategy implementation


We provide a systemic approach. As a generalist consulting firm, Proera has the advantage of providing complex solutions for strategy development and implementation. Our approach is based on systemic overview, understanding the interdependences of a strategy with the operations in place, resource quality (HR, finance, capital) and management style.


We are aware of the importance of mission, vision and values for the company. We engineer work structures and define working policies which are congruent with the strategy and the organizational culture of the client. Together with our clients we formulate their vision and mission and help them identify the fundamental values that the company wants to rely on.

Improving operations through constraints management. We help our clients achieve world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, we work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems. We apply statistical analysis together with “gemba” (on place) observations in order to assure that all the root causes of operations variations are identified and understood. We consult our clients in acknowledging the constraints they have and develop right policies and strategies to overcome those.


We combine best case practices and tailor-made solutions. We consider that the key to success is finding the right combination of different approaches. We combine and develop feasible, best practices to offer the best solutions. Our operations management approach is anchored in lean principles and TOC way of thinking backed up with Six Sigma framework. Our consultants are highly skilled in applying tools and techniques such as: Kanban, one-piece flow, overall equipment efficiency, self-directed work teams, 7 wastes, dynamic buffer management, Statistical Process Control and others.


We focus on internal and external customers and suppliers. Both at business unit level and at corporate or divisional group level, Proera is focusing on organizing the processes, defining the policies of operations and strengthening the relations/connections between internal and external customers and suppliers. Along the phases of consultancy we involve managers and experts from our clients and transfer the knowledge and understanding to them thus assuring the sustainability of our solutions.


We have cross-sector valuable expertise. We have served diverse clients from and have deepened our expertise across the total range of industrial and institutional segments, as well as functional topics in financial sector, pharmaceuticals, retail, healthcare, public sectors, social sectors, and beyond.

Leadership and empowerment, clear purpose and optimal working conditions. Human resources management is one of the fundamentals of the successful strategic development for any company from any geography. The ability of a company to acknowledge the importance and the influence that human resources have on all other aspects of a business stands along with its ability to envision the future evolution of markets and capacity to be flexible. In order to overcome the human resources challenges companies need leadership and empowerment as well as clear purpose and optimal working conditions.


HR departemnt – strategic partner of all other departments. Proera is offering a complex consultancy service in managing and developing human resources. We account for psychological, physiological and social aspects of human beings employed. We help our clients to ensure long-term performance by empowering HR department to became a strategic partner to all other departments and to increase its value-creating activities so as to bring (recruit), educate (training) and develop (career advising) the right human capital that the company needs.


Remuneration and motivations systems without “who's guilty – who's the best” approach. Proera consultants help companies to enrich their absorptive capacity through exploitation and exploration of explicit and tacit knowledge that it has stored in every employee, process and document. We develop remuneration and motivation systems and policies based on systemic results and abolish the “who’s guilty – who’s the best” motivation approach. We develop training programs and apply tools of proactive involvement of employees in pursuing the continuous improvement.

Corporate finance is moving to creating maximum value. Corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing value to creating maximum value. Financial management along with other resource management became a fundamental function in terms of business development. Especially nowadays it is important to develop the right financial strategy and describe financial policies which would participate to value creation becoming a tool of empowering action. A company which looks into the future must diminish the restrictive approach in financing and use financial function as a tool to take advantage of opportunities.


Du Pont, Pareto, Discounted Free Cash Flow analysis and others. Our team provides independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, diagnosis, financial analysis and modeling, managerial accounting and strengthening the finance function. Our consultants apply reliable analysis tools such as: Du Pont, Pareto, Economic Value Adding, Discounted Free Cash Flow analysis, sensitivity analysis and others.


Financial indicators should be well acknowledged and understood. ProEra is well positioned to serve CFOs and other leaders as they address new cross-functional challenges applying sensitive financial analysis and data analysis. We coach financial specialists to assure that financial indicators are well acknowledged and understood, properly used for managerial decisions and monitored along the evolution of the company.

Make value proposition “heard and appreciated”. Nowadays marketing and sales representative of companies from Eastern Europe countries face great challenges in making their value proposition “heard and appreciated” by the local and foreign customers. The changing needs and behaviors of customers, new competitors and breakthrough technologies make marketing and sales a functional area were companies must stay always tuned to the best practices, keep innovating and optimizing its efforts.


We put to doubt the brand perception and value proposition. At Proera we help our clients to develop leading strategies and implement those through operational excellence. We challenge marketers and sales force of our clients by thinking as their customers and identifying the root causes of behaviors and decisions, as well as we put to doubt the brand perception and value proposition of our clients through research and analysis. Marketing and sales is often viewed, unilaterally, as cost generator activity of which hardly one can quantify the effects and impact. We help our clients to balance its marketing and sales efforts in order to avoid the sub-optimization of the whole system (company) through proper measures and root cause analysis thus managing costs.


We advocate for final customer experience. Our consultants cooperate with local and foreign experts in developing right value propositions and specific marketing solutions which are brought to the consumers through targeted sales techniques and communication channels. We advocate for final costumer experience and assist our clients in offering their value proposition with proper costumer care and optimal expenditures.

Projects are becoming a nonexclusive part of continuous improvement. Projects are becoming a nonexclusive part of continuous improvement and development for companies from different industries and with different work structures. The level of concentration on an issue of importance and the work style based on efficient resource allocation which a project gives is one of the suitable approaches in new product development, improvement, cause and effect analysis and other challenges.


Best practices of project management and tailor-made techniques. ProEra applies best practices of project management along with tailor-made techniques so as to help clients to achieve the best results out of a project. We help our clients to break down the work load, plan, allocate resources, monitor and evaluate results, develop reporting methods, analyze risks and pitfalls, estimate and control costs and develop remuneration and motivation systems for the project teams.


Certified Project Management Professionals. Our consultants are certified Project Management Professionals and apply best methods and approaches including: critical chain, time buffer management and others, to ensure that the project is delivered in time within the budget and specification. We have vast experience of implementing project management work methods to clients from different industries such as: Telecommunications, Manufacturing, R&D, Steal Industry, Supply Chains, Construction Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Food production, Logistics, Agriculture, Public Sector and Social Sector. Our clients implement “project management” techniques at all levels of the organization involving employees from different departments, with different background and work experience, with different functions and authority thus implying the best human capital in solving challenges and develop new opportunities.