Diagnosis and valuations


DiagnosisThe diagnosis is compulsory for examining the problems, identifying the forces and the factors that are causing these problems, ascertaining the client’s potential to make changes and solve problems effectively, identifying available resources and determining the factors that really drive the success of your business.

The diagnosis will explore possible solutions and set up directions of further actions focused on a clear and realistic purpose. The key advantage is that the diagnosis helps to understand the need for changes and improvements and it serves as a reliable base for future successful actions.

Valuation represents the process of estimating the value of the company or particular assets and it is usually requested by business owners, potential buyers or other interested parts.

What we diagnose:

Management and Human Resources

Strategic assessment, objectives, corporate governance, corporate culture, management style, organizational structure, job descriptions, motivation system, personnel and its structure, qualification, staff development, management information systems.

Production and Technology Diagnosis

Production process, technology, equipment, logistics, product characteristics, quality standards, production capacity

Commercial Diagnosis

Suppliers, competitors, substitutes, sales, market, product strategy, pricing policy, distribution, promotion, trade barriers

Financial Diagnosis

Financial indicators evolution, assets analysis, operating capital, inventories, capital structure, debts analysis, costs analysis, financial ratios, economic and financial risks, breakeven point

The SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis, including the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is developed on the base of the Diagnosis Analysis. The SWOT Analysis is needed for the preparing of the Action Plan

Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis represents the highlighting of the sector characteristics and trends, comparative analysis of the indicators and products with the international standards identification of the barriers and obstacles in order to define and to improve the customer's position and the economic environment.