Our approach

The most important principle for us is to deliver for our clients the right solutions to the right time. We apply theories and knowledge and benchmark our clients in order to develop customized solutions for them. Albeit the fact that we have strong expertise in specific fields such as strategy, process management, sales, project management, logistics and others, we always try to provide holistic solutions which would optimize the system as a whole.

We help our clients to implement solutions which become inclusive to the system so as to avoid sub-optimization. We challenge our clients to see the harm of “quick fixes” which have an effect only for short term and help them to develop a vision of long-term, sustainable development based on continuous improvement and constancy of purpose.

At ProEra we believe that:

  • 94% of quality problems are due to the problems in the ‘system’ rather than the fault of the workers
  • roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes
  • if the root cause is identified then it is sufficient 1% of effort (resources, time etc.) to obtain 99% effect.
  • cca 5 % of employees usually might be negative about the system while 95% are willing to cooperate thus companies must develop management systems which are empowering not restrictive.


Our clients

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