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Projects are becoming a nonexclusive part of continuous improvement. Projects are becoming a nonexclusive part of continuous improvement and development for companies from different industries and with different work structures. The level of concentration on an issue of importance and the work style based on efficient resource allocation which a project gives is one of the suitable approaches in new product development, improvement, cause and effect analysis and other challenges.

Best practices of project management and tailor-made techniques. ProEra applies best practices of project management along with tailor-made techniques so as to help clients to achieve the best results out of a project. We help our clients to break down the work load, plan, allocate resources, monitor and evaluate results, develop reporting methods, analyze risks and pitfalls, estimate and control costs and develop remuneration and motivation systems for the project teams.

Certified Project Management Professionals. Our consultants are certified Project Management Professionals and apply best methods and approaches including: critical chain, time buffer management and others, to ensure that the project is delivered in time within the budget and specification. We have vast experience of implementing project management work methods to clients from different industries such as: Telecommunications, Manufacturing, R&D, Steal Industry, Supply Chains, Construction Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Food production, Logistics, Agriculture, Public Sector and Social Sector. Our clients implement “project management” techniques at all levels of the organization involving employees from different departments, with different background and work experience, with different functions and authority thus implying the best human capital in solving challenges and develop new opportunities.

Training programs

1. Project planning
2. Resource allocation
3. Project evaluation
4. Project management tools
5. Portfolio management
6. Project tracking
7. Project reporting
8. Risk management
9. Project costs

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