Operations Management

Management consultancy

Improving operations through constraints management. We help our clients achieve world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, we work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems. We apply statistical analysis together with “gemba” (on place) observations in order to assure that all the root causes of operations variations are identified and understood. We consult our clients in acknowledging the constraints they have and develop right policies and strategies to overcome those.

We combine best case practices and tailor-made solutions. We consider that the key to success is finding the right combination of different approaches. We combine and develop feasible, best practices to offer the best solutions. Our operations management approach is anchored in lean principles and TOC way of thinking backed up with Six Sigma framework. Our consultants are highly skilled in applying tools and techniques such as: Kanban, one-piece flow, overall equipment efficiency, self-directed work teams, 7 wastes, dynamic buffer management, Statistical Process Control and others.

We focus on internal and external customers and suppliers. Both at business unit level and at corporate or divisional group level, Proera is focusing on organizing the processes, defining the policies of operations and strengthening the relations/connections between internal and external customers and suppliers. Along the phases of consultancy we involve managers and experts from our clients and transfer the knowledge and understanding to them thus assuring the sustainability of our solutions.

We have cross-sector valuable expertise. We have served diverse clients from and have deepened our expertise across the total range of industrial and institutional segments, as well as functional topics in financial sector, pharmaceuticals, retail, healthcare, public sectors, social sectors, and beyond.

Training programs

1. Theory of constraints
2. 20 Keys
3. Workplace management
5. Stock management
6. Work flow management
7. Process management
8. Planning and prioritization
9. Efficiency control
10. Quality management
11. Waste management
12. Supply chain management
13. Statistical process control


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