Marketing and Sales

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Make value proposition “heard and appreciated”. Nowadays marketing and sales representative of companies from Eastern Europe countries face great challenges in making their value proposition “heard and appreciated” by the local and foreign customers. The changing needs and behaviors of customers, new competitors and breakthrough technologies make marketing and sales a functional area were companies must stay always tuned to the best practices, keep innovating and optimizing its efforts.

We put to doubt the brand perception and value proposition. At Proera we help our clients to develop leading strategies and implement those through operational excellence. We challenge marketers and sales force of our clients by thinking as their customers and identifying the root causes of behaviors and decisions, as well as we put to doubt the brand perception and value proposition of our clients through research and analysis. Marketing and sales is often viewed, unilaterally, as cost generator activity of which hardly one can quantify the effects and impact. We help our clients to balance its marketing and sales efforts in order to avoid the sub-optimization of the whole system (company) through proper measures and root cause analysis thus managing costs.

We advocate for final customer experience. Our consultants cooperate with local and foreign experts in developing right value propositions and specific marketing solutions which are brought to the consumers through targeted sales techniques and communication channels. We advocate for final costumer experience and assist our clients in offering their value proposition with proper costumer care and optimal expenditures.

Training programs

1. Principles of sales
2. Strategic Marketing
3. Merchandising and product placement
4. Marketing research
5. Sales techniques
6. Marketing campany planning
7. Marketing campany implementation
8. Marketing campany evaluation

Marketing and Sales

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