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Leadership and empowerment, clear purpose and optimal working conditions. Human resources management is one of the fundamentals of the successful strategic development for any company from any geography. The ability of a company to acknowledge the importance and the influence that human resources have on all other aspects of a business stands along with its ability to envision the future evolution of markets and capacity to be flexible. In order to overcome the human resources challenges companies need leadership and empowerment as well as clear purpose and optimal working conditions.

HR departemnt – strategic partner of all other departments. Proera is offering a complex consultancy service in managing and developing human resources. We account for psychological, physiological and social aspects of human beings employed. We help our clients to ensure long-term performance by empowering HR department to became a strategic partner to all other departments and to increase its value-creating activities so as to bring (recruit), educate (training) and develop (career advising) the right human capital that the company needs.

Remuneration and motivations systems without “who's guilty – who's the best” approach. Proera consultants help companies to enrich their absorptive capacity through exploitation and exploration of explicit and tacit knowledge that it has stored in every employee, process and document. We develop remuneration and motivation systems and policies based on systemic results and abolish the “who’s guilty – who’s the best” motivation approach. We develop training programs and apply tools of proactive involvement of employees in pursuing the continuous improvement.

Training programs

1. HR management
2. Motivation triggers
3. Cause based motivation
4. Remuneration and Motivation
5. Small Group Activities
6. Employee’s empowerment
7. Skill Versatility and cross training
8. Train the Trainers
9. Train the Facilitators
10. Creative Problem Solving
11. Energized Leadership

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