Corporate Finance

Management consultancy

Corporate finance is moving to creating maximum value. Corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing value to creating maximum value. Financial management along with other resource management became a fundamental function in terms of business development. Especially nowadays it is important to develop the right financial strategy and describe financial policies which would participate to value creation becoming a tool of empowering action. A company which looks into the future must diminish the restrictive approach in financing and use financial function as a tool to take advantage of opportunities.

Du Pont, Pareto, Discounted Free Cash Flow analysis and others. Our team provides independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, diagnosis, financial analysis and modeling, managerial accounting and strengthening the finance function. Our consultants apply reliable analysis tools such as: Du Pont, Pareto, Economic Value Adding, Discounted Free Cash Flow analysis, sensitivity analysis and others.

Financial indicators should be well acknowledged and understood. ProEra is well positioned to serve CFOs and other leaders as they address new cross-functional challenges applying sensitive financial analysis and data analysis. We coach financial specialists to assure that financial indicators are well acknowledged and understood, properly used for managerial decisions and monitored along the evolution of the company.

Training programs

1. Managerial Accounting
2. Statistics and Finance
3. Throughput Accounting
4. Financial Management
5. Diagnostic Analysis