Join Proera

At Proera we understand the importance of human capital and we value the contribution of each person towards achieving the end goal. That is why, Proera is constantly looking for capable individuals to join our team. By joining us, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work with a group of highly diverse, motivated colleagues, gain a different perspective of business, and build leadership skills that will last your entire career.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • a high level of business understanding and strong analytical skills
  • a good level of theoretical knowledge in a field of studies (business, engineering, finance, law, government, or industry)
  • initiative and leadership abilities

Job offers from our clients

Also, we can recommend you job offers from our clients. Below are displayed only the job opportunities that we think can bring big positive impact in client’s activity, and, if hired, you will have the possibility to work closely with Proera’s consultants.

Right now, there are no opportunities from our clients.