About us


Founded in 2001, Proera Group is a well known and appreciated consulting and training company in the Republic of Moldova.

Proera employs over 50 foreign professors with extensive business practice invited from world class universities providing the best managerial concepts, practical knowledge on management excellence, innovative and efficient business principles.


Proera Group is the successor of ARIA (Agency for Enterprise Restructuring and Assistance), taking over all activities of the latter.

Proera Group was nominated by the World Bank as a leader consulting company in Moldova by ad memorandum signed by Sonja Brajovic-Bratanovic, regional manager of World Bank project. After a long and fruitful experience in working with the private business, governmental organizations, and international institutions we have developed a number of key core competences, which we are proud of, and which we extensively use to insure success for our clients and our partners.

We offer integrated solutions for the development of enterprises. Generalists and specialists organized under functional areas can provide integrated solutions in all fields of management. ProEra will identify the best resources in working out the best solutions for the project. The teams will be integrated to adapt approaches and methods to specific situations and problems.

Our partners

We are proud to have such partners as: