• At ProEra we believe that learning is a natural part of doing business. We learn from our experience, from our clients, from our partners, from the best minds of international academia and professional networks and we challenge our knowledge everyday by applying it.

  • Indeed, every system contains and generates unknown and unknowable causes of variations. We help our clients to understand and control variations so as to assure the capability and stability of their business processes.

  • We believe that nowadays business must understand quality more as a process rather than just a result. Together with our clients we first of all understand the process of making qualitative products and services and we act upon the improvement of quality through process improvement and design.

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Where we work

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Statistical process control

Kaoro Ishikawa, from Japan, originally put together a set of seven quality control tools to use in quality circles (small group activities). The seven tools, when used together or individually, are used by first-line teams for quality improvement… Read more!

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